Damage Assessments

Whether your property is a home, office building, church or retail center, our engineering services support your physical and fiscal objectives. Our home and commercial building inspectors are highly-qualified, licensed engineers who provide practical structural and foundation damage assessments using his or her sound engineering judgment.

Can you distinguish normal foundation cracking from structural cracking?

Sometimes damage that resembles foundation movement actually has a different cause and almost every typical situation has an exception. If you are a residential or commercial property owner, there are a number of reasons that might require a foundation & structural damage assessment. Maybe you are dissatisfied with a contractor and want an engineer’s expert opinion, maybe a permit-issuing department requires an engineer to “inspect and seal” the job, maybe a structural damage assessment is needed for a home warranty or maybe the sale of your property is on hold waiting for an engineering certification.

There are many reasons for a building to show signs of structural stress and some discrepancies fall within the tolerances as established by accepted engineering standards. However, others may be an early indicator of a more serious underlying problem that will likely worsen over time. When the integrity of a structure is in question, we engineer reliable answers based on our technical expertise and experience gained from hundreds of previous projects. Our Jacksonville commercial engineering firm routinely provides structural damage assessments for a variety of building types to include: shopping centers, office complexes, retail buildings, lodging facilities, apartments, townhomes, condominiums, schools, light industrial complexes, resort facilities, maintenance buildings, multi-family duplexes, churches and architecturally-significant historic buildings.

Regardless of your reasons, Lucas & Scott approaches every assessment with same high level of service and dedicated professionalism. Our portfolio of clients includes builders, homeowners, institutions, banks and mortgage companies, attorneys, real estate professionals, insurance adjusters, restoration contractors, home warranty companies and government agencies.

If you think the property you’re working on has a foundation or other structural problem, call us at 904-260-2690 to speak directly with a qualified engineer about a structural damage assessment.