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Engineering Solutions for Other Structures

Do you need a design, inspection, assessment or certification for a unique structure?

Many building owners in the Jacksonville area are faced with cracked walls, ill-fitting windows or doors, sinking foundations and uneven floors. These are often a warning sign of a building's underlying stability problems. As experienced structural engineers, we are qualified to inspect, identify and define the "cause and cure" for unique buildings. We currently provide a broad range of engineering solutions for other structures to include:

When a property owner, homeowner or insurance company spends money on a repair or restoration, it should be a long-term investment and not an indicator of an ongoing problem. Our structural engineering experience is as diverse as our expertise for the design and construction process. We provide timely answers for reinforced concrete, tilt-up walls, steel, wood, retaining walls, insulated concrete forms, masonry, structural panels and heavy timber construction.

Lucas & Scott engineering firm specializes in low to mid-rise structures for commercial, retail, industrial, government, institutional, educational, medical, recreational, aviation, military, dock, rental and personal buildings. Call 904-260-2690 or use this website's convenient Quick Contact form for a prompt response.