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Foundation Designs Jacksonville

Searching for a structural engineering firm that specializes in foundation designs?

In Jacksonville, the foundation design for a commercial or residential building is the most important component of any new construction or restorative project. Since the building is connected to the foundation and the roof is connected to the building, a well-engineered design for the foundation is critical. Special attention is always warranted when a foundation rides on collapsible (sand) or expandable (clay) soils. To protect your capital investment, it is always important to select the best structural engineering firm for your specific needs. At Lucas & Scott Engineering, we have a thorough understanding of each structural element from the bottom up to include foundations, framing, joists, girders, beams, rafters, columns, grade beams, piles and piers.

Every year in our country, more than 250,000 homeowners are plagued by cracked foundation, buckled walls, ill-fitting doors and windows, sinking foundations and uneven floors. If your building has more than one of the problems mentioned, you may have an underlying settling issue that can threaten the structure's overall stability. Since foundation problems don't fix themselves, taking timely actions after you see the warning signs of foundation design flaws will always ensure the lowest cost of repair. That's why we provide responsive foundation design and structural engineering services for the inspection, damage assessment and repair of existing residential or light commercial buildings.

Never hesitate to consult with a structural engineer concerning your foundation design. Retaining the value of investment may depend on it. If you have unique requirements for a foundation design, call us today at 904-260-2690; or use this website's Quick Contact form for a prompt email response.